Sunday, 6 March 2011


Well, well, well.

Today has been a mammoth day for shopping, and I can honestly say it only
took us about 2 hours in total.

First pit stop was the craft warehouse for bit for the new products. In -
grab and out again....

Then off to the wig warehouse for new wigs for the site, again, was in
trolley dash and back out in 20 mins, we normally take hours.

Then off to Nick and Geoff's for a quick brew and watch them fit their new
garden ball pond feature, then it was off to Makro for supplies. In, grab
and out again in no time. Brilliant.

I'm Glad its been so quick though to be honest as its been the last day of
my chemo for this month today and its really startedto take its toll, my
knees and joints ache, but if I keep going I tend not to notice.

Off to bed early tonight as we have to be up and out the house by 5.30
tomorrow morning to get to London for the Behind The Mask Exhibition with BT

What do you wear to meet an MP? I have been suggested a couple of outfits,
but they all don't fit any more and I couldn't be doing with the heels

Anyway will probably update a few times tomorrow with pics and such as I go.


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