Friday, 22 July 2011

A good habit to get in to...

Today has been another good day!  I know!  Shock horror and all that.  It was good insofar as I didn't feel so down today.  The sun has shone for most of the day, well for long enough for me to put the washing out to dry after being lulled into a false sense of security just before the heavens opened and the rain came down! 

I got up this morning and pottered for a bit, I cleaned the car out, took it for a wash and then came back to polish it, stopping off en route for some cat food and the obligatory new air freshener for the car.

This evening I called round to see a friend and we went out for a drive.  We weren't out long but I suppose it beats sitting around with a brew.

Tonight I have been sat here reading, reading stuff on the Internet but reading all the same.  A friend (M) said to me a few weeks ago I should  consider writing a book.  I initially thought no but, I guess my life is quite unusual in some respects.  If nothing else it will be therapeutic to write.  I've looked in to it and, the first thing I need to do is map out my chapters.  I guess if nothing else it will give me something to do, especially as the winter nights approach, we've had the longest day now you see so we're now on the down hill slope to winter.  I'm not looking forward to that.  Steve and I used to sit in and snuggle on the sofa in the winter.  I guess this year I will need a throw or a blanket to snuggle in to.

The other positive thing today is that my olds have celebrated their wedding anniversary, I think it's 38 years, either way it's more years that I am old if that makes sense.  38 years eh!  I was late with their card, I didn't forget I just remembered late.  They didn't bother with cards though, they said they didn't feel like celebrating this year.  I understand that but I know Steve would have got them a card and would want them to celebrate too  as it's a decent milestone.

that was one of the things Steve liked about my family.  He said on more than one occasion how he loved that special days and dates were made to feel special.  I am sure he had a fuss made for his birthday as a child but he said as he got older it just became another day.  That was until he met me, he loved birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries even valentines day because he knew I would usually get him something, sometimes something odd, sometimes useful but he just loved the surprises.  He kept most of the cards I ever sent him.  When I went in his bedside drawer after he had died I found a lot of cards from me to him there, he was very sentimental really, odd but some of those cards are years old but he had kept them close to hand.

I'm going to miss spoiling him this year at Christmas, I loved how his face lit up like a child's because he had no idea what he was getting.  I guess I am glad thats one habit he didn't pick up from his Mum.  She opens her presents straight away, regardless of how early they are.  She will look at them and then close the package back up,  Whats the point?  Theres no surprise then.  Steve loved surprises, I guess I do really but Steve had a special way with surprises.... need I say more than "Star"?!?!? (go back to my blog around mid June onwards if you have no idea).

Well it's time for bed now, I was good yesterday and got in bed a whole hour earlier than the night before, it was 2.30 am, I did meddle with the phone for a bit though and will probably find something to do tonight too but, at least I am in the right place.

Before I go, if you use twitter then follow me at:  adifferentmark I guess then at least there is a "Chance" of a 2 way conversation.

Goodnight xxx

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  1. Congratulations to the 'olds' - makes me giggle everytime you say that - my parents would be mortified if I called them that and my Dad is a youthful 85 !!!

    I love surprises too - you need to coach Mr B in the art of surprises and thoughtful gifts - he's more like Steve in that respect - lol