Thursday, 21 July 2011

Naked Boys Dancing and Free Chocolate

Today has certainly been a different day, in the main because I have been out for most of it I guess.  For the past few weeks I have been in for the most part of most days, (or it certainly seems that way) but, today has been different.

I was up at a reasonable time this morning despite still being up till 3.30 am meddling.  I am planning on going to bed quite soon so hopefully before 1.30 am today.  I have not thought about whether I am still avoiding bed or if I have now just got into a routine of late nights and minimal sleep?  I don't know but I guess I ought start to go to bed at a reasonable time sometime soon.

I had to go to Wigan today, there were a few reasons none of which need to be explored here but I did get to see a friend there too and have a good old natter.  We are as bad as one another and can both talk for England but we just flow from one thing to another.  Steve used to laugh at me, he could tell who I was speaking to just by hearing one side of the conversation but, I guess that is because he knew me so well.

After leaving the house around 2pm today I got home just before 9pm, that's unusual for me at the moment as I said, most of my time seems to be spent at home these days but, today has been a good day, I've not had a "Steve" focus to the day and it's not felt bad doing something for me.  In fact this morning seemed OK too, I was thinking about putting a few things away.  Just stuff which belongs to Steve which I have kept around since he passed away, old pictures, (in a box; but close to hand),  some clothes and bit's and pieces really which were his.  I think I am now mentally in a place where these can be put away.  Out of sight, NOT out of mind but I suppose it means I can reduce the clutter around me, something Steve hated and tried to rid us of, (even though he was a hoarder, a gene he definitely got from his Mum).

I now have a sense of busy-ness, there seems to be a lot to do.  By doing it I will keep my mind active but also perhaps just be able to move on mentally from under the big black cloud and make my way toward the end of the cloud and moving toward those nice fluffy white ones before I get to clear blue skies and sunshine.

Well not a lot more to report, like I said it's been a good day.  Last Wednesday was a good day too, I had "things" to do on both days though so I doubt there is a Wednesday connection just a "being busy" connection.  Hmmm, good job I have lots to occupy my time tomorrow, there's another estate agent comimg on Friday, this one seems to be a little more pro-active in finding punters.  Lets see what he has to say but I reckon we'll be reducing the price and trying to get things jogging along pretty soon, our boat is calling...

Well goodnight again oh and sorry about the title, I just thought it looked a little more interesting than "A Good Day" but, if I were to ever have a day like that I can assure you I wont be writing my blog until both are long gone, well, you need to make the most of these things which reminds me.... theres chocolate in the cupboard which had a "best by" date on it of April some time... they tasted OK last week so should last a little longer.

Well TTFN,
Mark x

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  1. Donny says that he can always tell who I'm talking to too! Let's just say that you and I are experts in the art of conversation - at least there are no awkward silences when we're around :) x