Monday, 19 September 2011

Help! Please......

If you are a regular reader you will know Steve's friend and colleague, Andrew, has just taken part in The Great North Run in aid of Christies Hospital in memory of Stephen. 

He set a £500 target and is VERY close to this, please please please if you can spare a few pounds please sponsor him to help him reach his target.  He has done fantastically well and Steve would be VERY proud of him and that he has done the run in Steve's name. 

Andrew is not an athlete so this really has been an achievement for him.  Well done Andrew and please help if you can by following this link:

I have been reading Steves blog lately from last year.  Much of it is familiar to me and the significant dates seem to be etchen in my mind.  This time last year Steve was worrying about his forthcoming surgery, here's what he had to say about it:

Those days are clear in my mind but, Steve's positive attitude bewildered me.  I didn't understand but, I  could not make any criticism.  He was offered a chance to help beat this disease and he grabbed it with both hands.  Think about that as you wonder whether it is worth forsaking the last few tablets on your course of anti biotics in favour of a night out or a few glasses of wine. 

If you are offered a chance, whether that is of health or otherwise then take it.  Some people don't get chances or choices so use yours wisely.

On learning of his diagnosis Steve stopped drinking alcohol.  there were a few exceptions but few enough to count on one hand and even then at most he would have one or two glasses and no more.  Sat here with a glass of wine I feel guilty.  Not guilty enough to stop but I am conscious of the differences. 

I still miss Steve with every breath I take, every spare moment is consumed with thoughts of him and wishing he could be here.  Another hug, another kiss even another night of him stealing the duvet.  There is nothing I wouldn't give just to have that one more time.

Tomorrow after work I am driving north to help a friend for a few days. It will be an interesting time I think as I know I am likely to meet some other people dealing with the same Cancer Steve had, a Glioblastoma Multiforme.

The timing is rubbish as this is a month of anniversaries but I doubt there would ever be a "good time" but, best foot forward and all that.

I'm signing off now to go and iron some clothes.  I hope to update again in the next few days but don't be alarmed if I don't.

Bye for now xxx
M x

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