Saturday, 27 November 2010


Well its official, its almost Christmas.

We started to put the tree up today and decorate the rest of the house. For those that know us Christmas is a big issue in our house and every surface gets a Xmas Makeover.

We normally have at least two trees, the spiral staircase and three fireplaces decorated, altghough this year we have only put one of the tree's up and replaced the other with the huge candelabra. So not much changed really.

One problem with all this merryment is, I have overdone it today and now am aching all over so will be off to bed shortly, i have already had my Radox bath soak, which has heloed massivly.

Tp,prpw were off into town to do the last bits of xmas shopping and then back home to finish the house and tidy up all the mess that it creates.

Till tomrrow


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