Saturday, 27 November 2010

Freaky Friday....

Well after this morning's little outburst and name shaming, I feel so much

I'm glad that today is Friday, and that I now have two days free of
radiotherapy, as its starting to get to me now.

Not in a physical way although the fatigue is becoming more and more

I only have four radio and Chemo sessions to go, and then I have a four week
break before I continie with my chemo treatment.

In a strange way its all timed well for christmas, if that could possibly
ever be well timed.

The christmas shopping is now al completed and we just have to wrap it all
up, and then thats one less thing to do.

Tomorrow will be spent sorting out the small things (a huge list of small
things) that we need to do, and will then tomorrow night will be spent
relaxingwith a movie, as I have a feeling that tomorrow I will be aching

Other than that there is very little to say today so will sign off and
provide you all with a big pdate tomorrow.

Steve x

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