Friday, 26 November 2010


I have just had the misfortune to get pretty upset on the phone with a
company that basically wants to take my money for being ill.

As most of you will know I used to drive a motorbike, but due to the tumour
and such I am no-longer able to drive - this is not my choice as you can
imagine as it means basically that I lose my independence and I now have to
rely on public transport (which most of you will know I hate)

Anyway back to the point, I had clearly forgotten to cancel my insurance on
my bike and have attempted to do so today.

I paid the last instalment of the insurance in September and am now paid up
till march of next year, all covered - sorted no problem.

However I explained that the DVLA have revoked my licence on medical grounds
and I need to cancel my insurance as I no-longer have the vehicle and the
reason why, the nice young lady then said OK no problem - the cancellation
fee on the insurance is just short of £50. I thought she was joking at the
time as like I say the policy is paid in full.

She spouted on that the general terms and conditions blah blah blah I said I
think that's pretty sick that even though they have had all my money they
want another 50% of the total policy cost to cancel. She wouldn't put me
through to a manager as there was "none available" but she would speak to
her team leader again blah blah blah, and she spouted on that the terms and
conditions do state blah blah blah.

In other words BULLSHIT

After me getting upset on the phone and telling her that I have a terminal
illness with a short prognosis she again spoke to her team leader and they
have decided on compassionate grounds to waive the fee.


Your going down in the bad books, and your being named and shamed in my

If I had remembered at the time I would have got the young girls name and
would make a formal complaint to them.

It just makes you think that even though things are tough at the moment,
there are people out there that would just like to make it that little bit
harder - I'm ok I can fight my own corner, but some people would just have
said OK no problems and would have paid the cancellation, and that's an
extra £50 profit in the bank for a company that probably makes millions
every year, where is their Social Responsibility and compassion? Probably
lost in their terms and conditions blah blah blah.....

Will update more after my treatment.

Steve x


  1. Hope your are feeling as well as you can. Thanks for the warning x Billy

  2. good for you sweet they are always quick to take money and when you claim very slow at paying you out you give them hell report them to the insurance ombudsman get mark to write a letter hope you and mark get lots off santa just dont ware him out to much before he gets to us lol love you both hetty (steve)