Friday, 26 November 2010

5 treatments to go.

Well its official I am on the home run with regards to my treatment. I only
have 5 sessions to go and then am through.

I'm at a total loss of what to say today as I think I have said most of it.

My mum has taken me to the hospital for the last two days, and its been odd.
Even though I like spending time with my mum, it's been nice having her
round the house etc, the trip to the hospital over the last few weeks has
been an escape for a few hours at least anyway. But like I say I have 5
sessions left and my dad is taking me on Monday and Tuesday. I will be glad
though thwhen they are all over as I will get a sense of normality back and
I will not have to be couriered around all the time.

That's the one big issue with my treatment Mark does not like me going on my
own, especially now that the tiredness and the fatigue are really taking

The tiredness is taking hold now but was better today than it was yesterday,
I must have had better slept better last night.

One funny side effect that I knew to expect, but hadn't had yet was the
"sunburn" on my head from the radiotherapy.

It honestly fells like my head has been out all day in the sun and its tight
and hot. I just have to use my cream and its much better, just odd that its
freezing outside and there is snow in the air and the side of my head is
kicking out its own little heat source.

Comedy moment of the day came this afternoon when someone (I won't mention
it was my mum) suggested that there could be a possibility of me having more
radiotherapy at a later date but in tablet form because of the progression
in technology etc..... never mind it certainly raised a smile on my face and
was something to laugh about.

Anyway am off to bed, see if I can have another good night's sleep


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