Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dr. Day

Now when I say Dr. Day I don't mean a nice doctor by the name of Mr Day, but
its the day I visit the doctor at the hospital. The same as I do every

The last few days at Christies have been difficult because they have been
behind every time I go for my appointment. Which means waiting and waiting.
This just ultimately leads to stress and tiredness, which doesn't help at
all especially when your body is telling you its tired anyway.

Today Mark has had a day off from Christies and has had a full day in the
office, my Mum has taken me to the hospital and is again tomorrow. We did a
little bit of shopping before we went to the hospital which was nice n ot
that we really bought anything....

At the hospital it was amazing I barely sat down in the waiting room before
I was called in for treatment, and then the same happened after treatment
whilst I was waiting for the doctor. I was in and out within 30 mins.

Its sods law really that its been this way, because we have been telling
people how long we have to wait and the one day that someone else takes me
were in and out... Oh well, treatment is priority and I have only got
another 6 to go so cant really complain.

The meeting with the Doctor went ok as usual, it's an opportunity for me to
say how am feeling and ask any questions.

The blood results from yesterday were all ok as usual and there was no

This evening we went to the Movies (how American) we went to watch the new
Harry Potter film. Oooh its good, but also slightly wrong as you get to see
a Mr Potter in his boxer shorts..... Slightly wrong as these are supposed to
be school kids and they have all beefed up - Wrong on so many levels - but
if you're a Potter fan you will be swooning too am sure....

The tiredness and aching has not been as bad today as I had quite a good
sleep last night and have drank loads of fluid too.

Other than that my day has been pretty normal, will report tomorrow with
more tales of Christies and the waiting room.


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