Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Blood Day

Today has just been one of those days.

I woke up tired, this is now becoming the norm for me, I could sleep all day
but it doesn't go away so am just sticking to my normal routine and getting
on with it - It worked during the war so the same philosophy applies now.

Have had a very busy Post office run with loads of different things posted
all over the country - the shop is now getting quite busy and is keeping me
plodding on. It's also a motivational thing for me too, as the more the shop
does the more I want it to do and the more I want to push it.

Treatment today was as normal, but I have felt a little bit of nausea, I
don't know if this is something I have eaten or what, but I have actually
taken anti nausea treatment today for the first time, this is amazing
considering I have only got 7 treatments left.

The headaches after treatment are still there and are taking a little longer
to go away each day, but I'm not taking anything for them as I'm trying to
minimise the amount of medication I take as am still taking quite a bit of
other medication.

The fatigue is still there too, but like have said previously, keeping going
and drinking plenty of fluid is helping to combat it, it's still there but I
don't notice it as much.

Today is Tuesday and that means one thing at Christies, and that's blood
day, ready for my appointment with my doctor tomorrow. The Radiography girls
laugh at me because I now know the routine and can pre-empt them and get my
bloods done before my treatment and then once am done I can just go home.

Normally everything is ok with my results and it's just a formality, so
hopefully tomorrow will be the same and we can be in and out tomorrow
instead of waiting round which is the tiring bit.

Anyway not much else to report today other than that so will sign off and
head off to bed.

Steve x

1 comment:

  1. Hiya Steve (and Mark) :)

    {{HUGS}} You are doing remarkably well and I am certain this is as much to do with your attitude as anything else!

    As the side effects become slightly more noticeable to you, you can also keep at the front of your mind that you are kicking cancers ass! After treatment things can get a bit tougher for a few weeks but, we all need a rest after our bodies do something they aren't used to so I have no doubt you'll be taking good care of yourself :) (note that wasn't me telling you to do as your told) ;)

    Fingers crossed bloods are ok and the next 7 treatments fly be :)

    After seeing your lovely curtains I am contemplating popping over to yours when I have my really tired days! It certainly looks very relaxing :)

    Thinking of you both as always.

    Your BT Buddy

    Natalya x