Monday, 22 November 2010

I don't like Mondays....

As the Boomtown Rats said, "I don't like Mondays".

My treatment has resumed today after the weekend, and it's really made
itself present today.

I have felt a little bit sickly when I took the chemo but I have felt a
little bit sickly all day so attributed it to that.

The fatigue and the headache from the Radiotherapy have also stayed with me
all evening. The fatigue is slowly building up and is now a part of my
everyday life, I find though that if I keep moving its not as bad.

I did got to BASIC today with mark which is based at the hospital and have
signed up for Yoga classes and also massage, as this could possibly help
with the fatigue. These start in December. Have also signed up for Art and
Craft classes, just something I can do on my own with other people who are
in the same boat as myself, as Mark has said its all good saying that he is
there for me he doesn't know how I feel and think, yet someone with the same
diagnosis or condition of me knows what it's like.

Will give it a go, see how it makes me feel I'm sure though that the Yoga
will help and the massage too.

Sales in the shop are going well and have a large delivery to the post
office tomorrow which is good, also have someone coming to look at costumes
too so another busy day for me in the "office" as it were.

Anyway not much else to report today

Will update tomorrow

Steve x

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