Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday Service

Well its Sunday and the last day of the week, and boy am I glad it is.

Today has been pretty hectic with finishing the lounge - just pictures to go
up when we decide what pictures we like and what frames etc, a visit to a
couple of shops for Xmas presents and then working the shop which again has
been busy.

I have been tired and achy again today but moving and keeping going and the
amount I have had to drink today has really helped, but sitting here writing
this blog I am noticing it creep back in. So will head off to bed shortly
and see if I can sleep my way through it.

Tomorrow again is another busy day with a visit to BASIC which is a charity for Brain and Spinal
Injury. Its only round the corner and I want to get involved down there so I
have an introductory meeting with them at 12.30pm.

They have different classes, relaxation etc and a Gym that is monitored by
professionals. It might be nice for me to be able to use the facilities down
there with other people that are in the same boat with me, as at the moment
the only people I speak to about my illness are ether my friends and family
or the hospital on the few occasions I have had meetings with them, I rarely
speak to other people in the same situation as myself.

It's a bit like hiding my head in the sand about my illness but that's just
the way it is, I'm happy to discuss it with you if you ask me questions etc
but wouldn't normally bring the subject up myself other than when I am
making fun of it - which is my way I think of dealing with it all.

Some people have asked how can I be so blasé about the fact that I have
possibly got 12-18 months to live, there is no real answer to that question,
at the end of the day what can I say - yes it's a bit of a shitter that my
time could be so short, but like the surgeons have said there is a lot of
good factors going towards me - my age and fitness etc and that the figures
for the treatment are very poor so I have every chance of surviving this for
more than this time.

As the weeks go on I am slowly thinking about the future and what it could
possibly hold.

I have looked at a funeral plan, but I haven't decided what I want yet, I
know it's going to be my last performance so want it to be just right

I have thought about Mark and what he will do when am not here - we often
laugh that it will be me getting phone calls from the police station saying
that they have picked him up in Tesco shoplifting etc wearing a big Floppy
Hay at the age of 70 - that's our plan you see - he goes slightly erratic
and I go sort him out when were older. Obviously this plan has now changed a
little bit, and I'm doing erratic and odd things and he sorts me out.

Back to treatment tomorrow though, which brings me back to the start of my
final 9 days. And hopefully the start of a long time in recovery.

Anyway am off to bed

Till tomorrow

Love you all


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