Monday, 29 November 2010

Update update update

Well its been a few days since I last updated the bog so I think its about time to I did....
A few things have happened since the last update.
The tree and all the decorations have now gone up and everywhere looks very Christmassy.... I even had the Christmas tunes playing today to get me in the mood.
Have started the last week of treatment, I only have three sessions to go after today’s treatment. Today’s treatment was tiring, as the machine was running an hour late and it was actually closer to an hour and half, this wasn’t helped by the fact that we were there just over half an hour early so was a long wait. Today I was taken to the hospital with my dad, I don’t often get time to spend with my dad, so in a roundabout way it was nice. He’s also taking me tomorrow.
This week is another busy week, with tidying up ready for the weekend and then to the pictures on Wednesday (its Orange Wednesday) so I don’t know what we will see, but its nice to get out and just spend time together even though its 3 hours in silence...
Have sorted loads of paperwork out today too, and have shredded loads of stuff that we were just keeping hold of for the sake of keeping hold of.
Anyway, I’m off for an early night, possibly a film in bed, but I will fall asleep so nothing to heavy.


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