Monday, 22 October 2012

Sporadic blogging

Sporadic blogging, that's what I do, no rhyme or reason and not as regular as I'd like but something is better than nothing surely.

It's been a busy few days recently but tonight I can look forward to a night home alone.  I'm not sure what I'll do tonight but I will busy myself with something no doubt.  The past few days I have been busy stitching and crafting, making a few gifts for various people for a number of reasons.  I'm enjoying doing them but as November is looming I am feeling the pressure a little now.  I hope I can get everything done that I want to in the time I have left.  I suppose I ought to write a list but that will take me too long to do.  Sometimes I am envious of those people who just saunter along leaving everything until the last minute.  Do they have the right idea or do I have the best idea with my organised and thoughtful "process"?

I'd like to be a last minute sort of person but I hate the stress that causes, especially when you get to the point where it's a case of, "that'll have to do…"  where's the thought in a gift like that?  Where is the pleasure in seeing someone genuinely flattered or surprised that you got them a gift that is so right for them.  Jon's face when he saw his birthday presents was a joy to behold, he seemed genuinely surprised I'd listened to things he'd said, had remembered what he had said and also took time and effort to get it right.  I think it was right anyway but, I'm sort of scuppered for Christmas now, all my good ideas have gone but I'll keep thinking and looking.  Of course buying what you need early doesn't mean it will always be right, some people just take the "that'll do" approach regardless of timescales.

I'm hoping by planning ahead as I am doing that everyone will have something that is "just right", as I've said before I have bought a few things.  Last year I made some cushions for friends, they seemed to be welcome gifts.  I have loads of cushions on my sofa, my chair and bed etc and quite a number in the cupboard as there simply isn't enough room for all those I have.  Already though I have bought two cushions for a friend instead of making them, they were quite expensive but that is reflective of the fact that they are "designer" and there is a lot of work in them as they are very detailed.  I am sure they will be appreciated though.

Well, I started writing this earlier and have just come back to it.  It's late, after 11pm and my evening has been spent stitching, writing to a few friends and also trying to sort out domain names etc. that technology stuff is frustrating and stressful for me as I don't really understand it, i suppose i could but i don't like that stuff, Steve used to do it all.  It's still not sorted.  I will try again tomorrow when I am not so stressed and tired and see if I can do it.  I managed to fix it last year after a few days so I am sure I can do it if I can muster the patience.

I am too tired now to write more, reading this back it seems unfinished and, to be fair, it is unfinished but right now I am not in the right frame of mind to finish it.

M x

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