Saturday, 16 June 2012

What is priceless but costs nothing?

Once again over the past few days and weeks I have been reminded of the joy of true friendship.  Thank you friends for your care and support.  It's been a tough journey of 21 months since Stephens diagnosis and 12 months since his death.

I have always said that friends are the family we choose for ourselves.  I still believe this to be true but I am also pleased to be able to count members of my family amongst my friends.  Even if we were not related by blood I would still choose to keep them in MY family.

Along the way, since September 2010, I've lost some friends and gained some friends and have been surprised at both.  Surprised who stuck around and really made an effort and surprised at those who turned their backs, gloated or patronised me.

This journey, and your support along the way has made me the person I am today.  I am proud of who I am and I feel blessed to have wonderful friends.  I truly hope I never have to console a friend through the journey I have been on because I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy but, I would be proud to support my friends in the same way I have felt supported.

As my life starts a new chapter with a new partner, new hopes and new aspirations I am looking forward to all that it will bring.  I plan on spending more time with those that make me happy and less time with those who don't.  

Watching my Husband die reminded me of a valuable lesson and reminded me of what is really valuable in life.  It reminded me that the most precious thing I own is priceless, the most precious thing I  can give or receive has no price but is also priceless.  It cannot be seen, it does not smell, you cannot hear it and you cannot touch it or taste it but you can feel it.  Love.  It costs nothing but it is priceless.

A beautiful home, a wonderful car, designer clothes and luxury holidays all sound wonderful but can they really fulfil you?  Will they keep you going when times are tough?  Can they console you when you're feeling low or share your joy when your feeling great?  Will the memories you have of your car comfort you when your partner isn't there, more than remembering the love of your partner and their warm embrace?

I know the answer to my question, do you?
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