Friday, 1 June 2012

Goodbye to Egypt

Thursday 31st May

Well I am currently sat in the departure hall at the airport.  Yes, if you're observant you will have noticed its not been two weeks.  My scheduled departure day is next Tuesday, 5th June but today is 31st May.

If you read my earlier blogs this week you will know I have been very unhappy, despite the glorious sunshine, great service and lovely surroundings I have still wanted to be at home.  I can't give a simple reason why because there is not one thing that has motivated this but a combination of many things.

After I spoke to Jonathan last night, unknown to me he checked out some early flights home for me and then called me in my hotel room to let me know.  I was impressed that he got through although I guess in this modern age of the Internet it wouldn't have been too difficult to get the number for the Hilton hotel in Sharm El Sheikh and then it was just a case of negotiating the language barrier to get put through to the correct room.  

When the phone rang in my room last night I almost didn't answer it.  I am glad I did.  I hesitated because I didn't think anyone would have cause to phone me.  It wasn't too late, probably about 22.30 local time or 21.30 UK time but, because I was feeling low I had just gone to my room after chatting on FaceTime.

Jonathan gave me the flight details etc and left me to sleep on it.  I considered all sorts including the fact my flight back is now to Manchester but my car is in Bristol, (probably 250 miles away from home), also that I would be leaving my travel companion alone and also the inconvenience all around with my early return.  I spoke to my travel companion about it last night and after very little sleep I finally decided around 3am, when my back was aching from the firm bed and my head was aching from thinking so much that the cost was secondary and that a further 5 days here would just make me more miserable.

I have to admit to having quite dark thoughts this morning when my head was aching.  I had a headache for most of the day but then I had laid on the bed for most of the day.  When I stood or sat up the headache eased.  This I have learned, can be the sign of a brain tumour, the ache eases when upright as gravity allows blood to flow  freely from the tumour whereas being recumbent the blood cannot drain so easily and thus causes a pressure headache.  I am sure my headache was due to how I was feeling and being laid down for a long time but, following my experiences, I will be keeping a tab on my headaches as I rarely get them, usually 1 or 2 per year.

Anyway, I slept a little after making my decision and I sent a text to Jonathan to let him know.  By 9.20 local time (8.20 UK time) my flight was sorted.  I have never been so happy to be leaving the sun and heading back home.  After a FaceTime chat I started to pack and shower etc ready for the off.  I booked a taxi to the airport, said my goodbyes, and after another brief FaceTime chat my taxi arrived.

I can't go through to check in or to departures until three hours before my flight.  I have actually arrived 4.5 hours before my flight.  I am happy though to be here in air conditioned comfort as opposed to in the hotel.

It's now 13.50 local time, I can go through security and on to check in at 14.35 so I may write more later. 
It's now 15.50 local time and my flight departs at 17.35.  I've just bumped into some people who were at the same hotel as me.  They really seemed to struggle with the concept that's am going home early.  

I am now just being patient as I know I am homeward bound.  The flight is around six hours long. Every minute will drag but I don't care, I am going home and looking forward to the huge hug that is waiting for me at the airport.

Friday 1st June 8.31 am

GOOD MORNING!!!  It certainly is here, washing, changing the bed and maybe even a trip to the supermarket are all on the cards for today.  It is SO good to be home!

I landed at 10.40 last night and, as I had a seat right next to the exit on the plane I was one of the first off, through passport control and fortunately my case wasn't at the back of the queue so I was one of the first out of the airport last night into Jonathan's waiting arms for a huge hug.

We got home around 20 minutes later and after more hugs we settled down for a bottle of wine together.  It was so nice to be home, I can't explain how much happier I am to be here rather than in my "luxury hotel".  If you've read the blog posts over the past week, many of which haven't been notified on social media etc then you will understand.  

I slept well last night and this morning I am still very very happy to be home.  Jonathan has gone off to work so it's washing and domestic stuff for me after unpacking my case so just going to post this and I will write again soon.

Have a GREAT weekend because I know for sure I will!

Xxx Mark xxX

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  1. ************************************************
    "'Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
    Be it ever so humble there's no place like home!"

    ~~~John Howard Payne, 1823

    It was almost painful to me, Mark, to read----(and to empathetically understand!!)----how very miserable you were, i.e., while you were away from home in Egypt. 'Never has a day gone by, that I haven't missed (at least *some* part of) my original home 1,800 miles away.

    I think I'LL also sleep better tonight because you're home, too; and............ I just *might* use YOUR early homecoming as a Good Reason to have a discrete *Celebratory Toast* (to you and Jonathan!) with my husband at dinner out tomorrow (Saturday) night: Life is way-too-short NOT To celebrate *happy* events!!