Saturday, 2 June 2012

Dirty Gays!

Ooh, I can sense your intrigue as you yearn to learn about the dirty gays of which I write...  Is your mind racing with all sorts of thoughts of how dirty a gay can get?  Are you Getting concerned that you may see more than you want to here?  Fear not, I am not talking about dirty sex but dirty dirt of the organic earthy variety.

Does that surprise you?  Are your thoughts of gays such that you could never imagine them anything less than perfectly groomed, in pristine attire with hair coiffured to perfection.  Sorry, but even gay men are just men and, whilst some take more time on their appearance than it would take to prepare 10 brides on their wedding day some are just blokes.  

I think that is more or less the space that Jonathan and I fall in to, we don't completely neglect personal grooming but it's fair to say we can both go from shower to ready and out the door within 20 minutes, there's no lengthy beautification procedures that must be adhered to.  Clean and fresh with spritz of fragrance and we're away.

Anyway, back to dirty gays.  That's what Jonathan is doing today, he is watching (filming) a gay rugby tournament this weekend and, if the weather turns wet then there will certainly be a lot of dirty gays.  If it stays warm and humid then they will just smell dirty! (sometimes I wonder how far off we are from the wonders of smelly-vision?)

This weekend sees the Bingham Cup tournament in Manchester. (read the Wiki page all bout it here: )   Jonathan is filming it all so, if you like the idea of seeing hunky men in shorts getting hot and sweaty then take a look at his films.  He filmed the opening ceremony on Thursday evening ( )  and then filmed the first match yesterday. ( )  There are teams from all over the world competing so there's a great atmosphere.  I am sure filming hunky men in shorts will make working all over the weekend more bearable for him though.

I will post more of Jonathan's films as he does them.  The films this weekend are going to be really quick turnaround, yesterday's film was shot in the morning, edited immediately afterwards and then uploaded late afternoon.  When you look at the film it's hard to believe, even though they are short films, making the statement you need the film to make in such a short time takes skill.  

Fortunately Jonathan has good staff and they form a great team as each knows what is expected of them and they deliver it.  It really is fascinating seeing how a film is created from raw footage and made into a film that makes sense.  I suppose really it's an art but, one which is overlooked or taken for granted as we spend hours in front of the TV and expect programmes of a certain standard without realising the skill and work involved in producing that piece of film.

Well, I'm going to sign off now I have titillated your senses with dirty gays in rugby kit looking... Well just looking very manly and Grrrrr!  If you want to go to the official website it's here:

Have a great weekend 

Xx Mark xX
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