Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tuesday, arrival day, a day of thought.

Tuesday, arrival day, a day of thought.

Ooh, well seeing as I wrote earlier on the plane and it hasn't yet been published I am going to write this as an addition to my earlier post but will probably write tomorrow too.  

We have arrived in Egypt, at 8.30pm local time it was 33 degrees so VERY warm compared to Manchester.  We were driven to our hotel in a minibus, just the two of us and when we got to the hotel and to the air conditioned sanctuary of our hotel reception we were brought moist, cool towels to wipe,our brows followed by cool fruit juice, this was all before we had checked in!  It seems very luxurious and so very not me at all.  I am more comfortable and familiar with basic facilities so this is very different.

After check in the porter escorted us to our golf buggy and then drove us to our room.  He brought the bags in too.  Although I know that's his "job" I felt guilty because I am able to do things for myself and am not used to having things done for me.

After a brief nosey at the room we headed off for dinner and then to the bar where we met a lovely couple from Dublin, she gave us all the "hints and tips" for the hotel whilst he was more reserved.  I really felt Jonathan's absence this evening.  The situation was relevant to this because, with his T.V. (television) background Jon would have interviewed them and researched them fully and known a hell of a lot more about them in a very short time.  It's interesting to watch, almost like watching a craftsman creating a piece of art.  It really is a skill and it's interesting seeing it executed to perfection.

Also, now I think about it, I have been mindful of Steve too today.  On the plane I remembered how he was when the plane took off and landed, his excitement for it.  I can imagine how he would be loving this hotel, in particular the 9 pools and 7 restaurants.  It's odd.  I feel torn in many ways memories of Steve fill the spaces where there is no experience or memories made with Jon.  I mean I've never flown with Jon so I don't know how he is when he flies, I'm looking forward to finding out though.

Local time is now 1.15am so I am off for a shower then in to bed.  Goodnight.

Thursday - day 2

Well my previous post didn't get sent as I'm struggling with Internet connection.  Horror stories of £700 phone bills have meant I have turned off my Data Roaming on my phone and attempts to buy a local sim card were foiled when I realised my phone is locked to one provider.  If I jailbreak the phone then I void The warranties so I'm stuck with buying 15 or 30 minutes wifi at a time so, this will sit in my outbox until I connect later in order to chat with Jon on FaceTime.

Yesterday was a very lazy day.  After my failed attempt to connect with home via Internet etc I ended up sat at the poolside all day, with fresh drinks 'appearing' as soon as the previous one was finished.  I spent part of the afternoon sat at the pool bar writing, well typing really, whilst working my way through the cocktail list.  PiƱa Colada's are too sickly, Mojito's are just not me so,the winner so far is Red Sea Lion which is Gin, Vodka, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice and Grenadine.  They look like a tropical sunset and pack quite a kick.  I ended up drinking those right through to bedtime so I slept soundly last night.  

The food here is great and there are loads of staff who are very attentive.  I would love to bring Jonathan.  Right now he could do with a break and I think being here and not having to do anything or go anywhere would do him the world of good not to mention being able to switch off as with poor wifi then his work would only receive sporadic attention so he could spend more time relaxing.

Today is another lazy day.  I'm currently in the hotel bar relaxing on a large comfy sofa watching the hotel staff and other guests going about their business.  Local time is 2.30 pm.  It's another thoughtful day.

I am guessing tonight will be much the same as yesterday, dinner then to the bar.  My highlight of the day though will be my FaceTime appointment this evening.

Until next time, be good and take care.
M x

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  1. #1) Your 5-*Star* Luxury Egyptian Hotel with it's 9 pools and 7 restaurants, in addition to it's very attentive staff, would most-certainly be the *Lap Of Luxury* for me, too, Mark!!

    I'd genuinely *b.a.s.k.* in TRYING IT OUT for a while, though, i.e., simply so the loads of very attentive hotel staff............ could (*ahem*) continue their Productive, Gainful Employment, of course!!

    #2) I think it's perfectly NATURAL----(and *a.l.w.a.y.s.* will be!!)----that you'll forevermore think of Steve............ right along with Jonathan!! If you had, say, lost Steve through a messy, bitter, and embattled divorce, one's feelings of profoundly-deep emotional hurt and pain tend to (thankfully!!) fade over time............ but you instead lost Steve, (while you both so, *so* loved each other), because Wretched Brain Cancer............ (i.e., and NOT the end of your love for each other!!)............ tragically just wrenched Steve away from you.

    However, your & Steve's love for each other has (really) never ended, but has truly *c.o.n.t.i.n.u.e.d.*............ (albeit in a uniquely-different way, of course, with Jonathan's wonderful, individual personality!!)............ so, your almost "concurrent" emotions FOR these two men are not only (to me) entirely-understandable............ but also quite expected and totally-"natural," too, you know.

    #3) Somewhat similarly, my oldest sister and I............ (heterosexually-monogamous, married, and Rapidly-Wilting Native "Flowers" of the Great American Southwest that we *are*!!)............ when we sisterly-reminisce together, we STILL always speak *f.o.n.d.l.y.* OF Those Distant-Past Boyfriends (haha!!) Whom We Have Loved-And-Lost!!

    So~~(seriously, Mark)~~I think I can understand your feelings of being emotionally "torn" in numerous, numerous ways UNTIL *New* Life Experiences and *New* Fond Memories............ can also be forged with Jonathan, too, you know.

    #4) We're going away this Memorial Day Weekend; so I hope to have the bartender concoct a Red Sea Lion for me............ but, if not that............ AT *LEAST* a nice Tequila Sunrise!!