Saturday, 26 May 2012


Thursday 23.58 UK time

Mosquitos!  What purpose do they serve?  Do they feature anywhere in the food chain?  If so why can't these fancy hotels home whatever critters like to eat Mosquitos? Maybe then I would stand a chance of having an evening where I am nota mobile mosquito banquet!  I am not enjoying being bitten by these pesky bugs at all.  They itch and irritate me and the lumps and bumps look horrible.  Right now I am a miserable bear!  Despite covering myself in anti mosquito spray they have bit me.  I wonder if it is an attractant not a repellant?  Grrrr! ! !

Anyway, that aside I spoke to Jon tonight on FaceTime.   It was so nice to see him, I saw my Mum and Dad too but it was lovely to just be 'there' and seeing home and familiar faces.

Well, there's nothing else to report.  Tonight I have mostly drunk water, and no, not of the tonic variety with vodka or gin just plain water!  This one is special water though, according to the label on the bottle, "enjoy the pleasant taste of BARAKA water with its essential elements and smooth texture that gives you a lively feeling all day long". Really? It's water!

Friday 15.53 UK time

Phew, another scorcher today, 40 degrees.  I am not used to this heat.  I didn't  sleep well last night, let's just say some call it Pharoh's Revenge but, I made many visits to the bathroom last night.  What with that and the mosquito bites (i have more than 15 on my left forearm and hand alone)  I didn't feel very happy this morning.  I've sat near the pool in the shade again today, I doubt I will be able to bring myself to sit out in the sun as it is simply too hot!

Not a lot of anything else going on today.  I've not been particularly thoughtful I've just enjoyed my music whilst at the poolside and am now sat in one of the hotel bars just watching the world go by so I will sign off for now.

Till tomorrow xxx M xxx

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