Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Flying and thinking

Ooh another busy week has flown by and, as I write this I am sat on a flight to Egypt where I will 'enjoy' ridiculously hot days, (well, at least compared to Manchester), fine dining, an endless supply of booze and did I mention silly hot days?

Back to this week though. The cats are already settling in. Jonathan brought his two cats last Sunday and, despite a tense few days it seems Tigi and Marmalade are finally settling and accepting. Marmalade was the least enthused about Pop and Hugo's arrival, growling and hissing at every opportunity. Pop and Hugo are incredibly laid back and were not fussed at all, they have already made themselves at home, they have favourite places to sleep already and have acquainted themselves with the neighbours.

The cats arrival wasn't planned but it's been lovely. In many ways it's almost like completing the family. Jonathan is here so it makes sense for his cats to be too, we're like one big happy, (slightly hissy and growly) family, Jonathan and I and the four cats.

Work this week has been busy, not least because I'd taken a week off to go to London, I've been back to work to clear my email from my last absence and now I'm out if the office again!

I've had meetings and a training course this week in addition to sorting a mailer and all that on top of ironing and packing clothes, buying all the lotions and potions I will need to cope with foreign sun and insects and trying to spend quality time with Jonathan. Right now I am probably the only person on this flight who is looking forward to the flight home! I've checked out the hotel online and it does look lovely, 5* Luxury. Already though I know it will be too hot for me!

I guess it begs the question, why did I book it but the answer is I didn't! It's a long story but I am basically going with a friend taking the place of an ex partner. I reluctantly agreed to it before I met Jonathan after a huge amount of persuasion and emotional pleas. I suppose on the flip side it does give us, as in Jonathan an I, some time out to reflect on the last 10 weeks together.

It seems mad but ten weeks seems like such a short time but equally a lot has happened and my life has been turned upside down in just 10 weeks, (it's 10 weeks today since we first met at a business event). My feelings for Jonathan have taken me by surprise and him too as neither of us had been looking or a new relationship, and neither of us had been looking for love but, it seems they found us and, I for one am not not complaining. Let's see if absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

I am looking forward to going back home as I can then focus on selling our house and looking forward to the future.

I've lost my train of thought now, the pilot has announced we have another 1,500 miles to go. Children on the flight have gotten restless and do have I!

I'll write more later or tomorrow, who knows? I am just hoping that 5* Luxury means Internet and access to my world back home in less sunny Manchester!

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