Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Since I wrote last there have been a few changes. Quite unexpected, I won't elaborate further at this time but these have resulted in some reflective moments for both Jonathan and I.

That all sounds quite ominous, it's not but, I've found myself wondering again when this bubble will burst. I really do feel lucky.

I've looked back at the time I have spent with Jonathan and it really seems like we have done a lot in a short period of time but on the other hand when I spend time with Jonathan it seems like we have been together for much longer. It sounds sickly sweet but I can't deny the feelings.

I've had a busy few days at work this week, this has been exacerbated by my absence last week and my imminent further absence. I would really rather not be absent but it's a commitment I cannot get out of.

It's really difficult writing a public blog like this. There are so many people to be mindful of. Perhaps I have become 'soft' and care too much about other people and their feelings? Perhaps I need to consider others less and me more? Perhaps I need to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve and sharing too much? Perhaps, perhaps perhaps.....

I don't have much else to say tonight, lots of reflection, happy acceptance of my current situation and optimism for the future just about sums things up.

Oh, on a different note. I decided to trim my beard and hair a few nights ago whilst Jonathan was in the bath. Beard done I trimmed the sides and back of my head. With that done I decided the top looked a little too long and decided to trim that too.

As the clippers approached my head the guard fell off the clippers and I promptly allowed the unguarded blade to glide across my head! Oops! I was left with a stripe of hair which was just about 1mm long....great! Jonathan suggested I go for a mohican so I cut another stripe in to my head. I looked like a jewellery free, white, B.A. Baracus (as in 1980's A-Team fame)!

There was nothing else for it, it all had to come off! The beard,was re-trimmed to match the length of my hair so now I just have a slightly fuzzy head. My hair wasn't long to start with, it's even less so now!

Well, that's about it for now, enjoy a giggle at my expense and I'll write soon,

Xx M xX

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  1. Mark i called in again tonight to see how you are..those of us left here after the sadness and trauma of losing people we love to brain tumours tend to do this late at night lol..
    You made me laugh, im sure you still look lovely :)
    You and Jonathon look such a happy couple. Try not to think about your bubble bursting, think of it becoming stronger, more of a protective bubble for you both to be in together... if that makes sense. Steve would want you to have a lifetime of happiness, you know he would, you only have to put yourself in your dear Steves position to know that.
    Sending you both lots of love..
    Ive decided to try and stop reading blogs now..i need to be out there again and feeling happier, its been 6 years now since i lost the 2 people i loved.
    Take care Mark and Jonathon
    Much love
    sally xxxx