Thursday, 5 April 2012

Just a quick update before bed.

Today has been a lovely day, the weather has been glorious and, following a late start to the day I went in to the office and got a few things sorted but felt awful.  I was happy but physically I felt really groggy with a thick headache.

I rarely have a headache but I did today, I took a couple of pills and left the office just before 3pm.  Fortunately I live close to work so was in bed for 3.10

I had called Jonathan on the way home and he said he was tired too.  He called around late this afternoon before going to see his friend and it was lovely to see him, it wasn't planned and I like that, I have never been 'stand offish' if I like someone then I enjoy and appreciate our time together and, I am pleased he seems to feel happy to just enjoy the spontaneity of life too.

When he left this evening I called to see some friends too, on the way home I called into the express store to get something to eat.  I ended up with a sandwich and a bar of chocolate, I really couldn't be bothered cooking and a takeaway was of no interest to me.   

I've slouched on the sofa tonight with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea, I'm on to my second cup now (woo! No work tomorrow and celebrating with Tea! This really IS the high life!) and the Adele concert is being aired on TV so the volume is almost full blast and I'm singing along despite trying to drink tea and type at the same time.  I think she is beautiful, both in terms of looks and such a soulful voice.  Oh, and I even managed a little dance with myself (I could fib and say I danced with the cat),  on my way back to the sofa with a brew.  Right now I am doing a sort of chair dance as I type and sing.... 

Well that's about all for now, I still have a fuzzy head so after Adele has finished I think I will head off to bed and have sweet dreams of sweet dreamy things.

M x

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  1. 'Just returned from being out of town, but I simply had to say that, this past Wednesday afternoon in a small bagel/sandwich shop, I had the best cup of steaming hot Earl Grey tea with (their last!!) slice of Italian Cream Cake............ (which, by the way, looked *deliciously* exactly like this!!):

    I sometimes dance, by myself, to the music on the radio in our Kitchen; so the image (in my mind) of your dancing to Adele's gorgeous voice is actually quite familiar to something that I regularly do by myself, too!!

    'Hope your headache/fuzzy head symptoms have now all gone away; and that, the rest of this weekend, you'll be able to enjoy (*hopefully*, with Jonathan!) some of this beautiful Springtime weather, too!!