Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Another weekend has passed, this one was a long one.  I have been in hibernation though for most of it, in a good "taking time out" way not in a "woe is me" way.

Friday was a very lazy day, I felt ill all day and whilst I was inspired to be a little creative, (that's something I will blog about properly in due course), I still managed to spend most of the day relaxing and part of it dozing whilst watching dodgy TV.   I did feel better in the evening though but had a reasonably early night.

On Saturday I was up at a decent time and then, after I sorted, packed and posted a load of eBay stuff I headed out to the shops.  After a spot of lunch there were a few Easter deliveries to sort, then, with that all done it was off home for a relaxing night in front of the TV.  Some classic films.

Sunday was great, yet another lazy day, (you may be sensing a theme here).  A lovely lazy day not bothering to get dressed until 4pm, ready for dinner with friends at 5pm.  It wasn't really a boozy night, it was a lovely night though.

Today has been yet another lazy-ish day.  A walk in the rain along the canal before a hearty roast dinner.  

On reflection it has been a great weekend.  Back to work tomorrow though and there's loads to catch up on as I have a big event planned for next week at work so I'm just pulling the final bits together, flyers and staff uniform etc

Well , that's me done really for this post,  I will be back soon 

Xx M xX

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  1. I've left a comment on another of your posts, but I just wanted to leave you a big *hug* as well, because finding love after death isn't easy, and sometimes it just creeps up on people, like it did for me. Go with it, be happy.