Sunday, 22 April 2012

I think I win the great dressing gown debate!

As another weekend draws to a close I need to update my blog again I think. Since I wrote last I have been really rather busy. On Wednesday I was back at the exhibition with work. There was no significant highlight on Wednesday as I had no special visitors. The exhibition did close an hour early though so I guess that highlights how quiet it had got. Despite closing early because we had a vehicle indoors we had to be one of the last to leave so as not to offend the lungs of those around us with our stinky 30 year old bus and associated fumes!

Thursday was a busy “catch up” day at the office, being out for two days doesn’t help with the backlog of work. I also had an offsite meeting to attend but, on the plus side again Jonathan had a meeting nearby so called in for a coffee, it was a welcome and pleasant surprise. After work I called to his office, for no good reason other than he had said it’d be nice for me to. I was pleased as I wanted to see him too. The gaps between us seeing each other seem to take forever and time together is lovely. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and it is right now. I really don’t know how it will feel being away from him for two weeks when I go away in May but I guess I am going to find out.

After a visit to the takeaway on Thursday evening we sat and chatted to my parents for a while. I was nice as we sort of chatted about how my parents feel about “us” too. I am pleased to say they have been supportive as has Steve’s Mum. Even though I am not really seeking approval I am pleased they, and my friends are all happy for me and us. I can imagine the nagging thoughts at the back of people’s minds but, I am sure none of them would be unfamiliar to either Jonathan or I and we have discussed those too.

I have not had a single doubt so far. I guess because I have experienced such difficult times and have lost a true love forever then I appreciate life is too short to be unhappy. I recognise these feelings that are making a welcome return. You never really realise how unhappy you were until you are able to compare it to real happiness.

On Friday I dropped Jonathan off at work and went back to trying to clear my backlog of work. On Friday evening we visited friends and then sat in with a nice homemade curry and did our best to empty the alcohol cupboard. We certainly did our bit for recycling this weekend by giving them plenty of bottles to smash up and make into something else. I have no idea what vodka, or whisky bottles get made in to but I am sure our contributions will be appreciated by someone somewhere.

On Saturday, following a late start we visited family then headed off for an early dinner at Chaobaby with a few glasses of wine and then to the cinema to see The Hunger Games. It was a lovely day as we then came home and watched Chicago together as we snuggled on the sofa in our dressing gowns, or “housecoats” (if you are from an older generation).  I think this definition though proves it is a dressing gown not a housecoat!
Today has been a lazy day, a lovely lie in this morning meant a late breakfast and a relaxing day. A friend visited this afternoon whom I’ve not seen since January. Apart from that I have meddled doing some crafty type things which will eventually make their way into gifts for a number of different people.

Tonight I have a night alone hence blogging but, I have a heap of other things I want to try and get done too.

Before I go though I just want to say again, thanks for reading and, thanks for commenting too. Some of you email others comment here or elsewhere but it’s nice to know that I am able to give hope to others. Please feel free to share my blog on Facebook or Twitter too.

Goodnight and Bye for now,

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