Monday, 26 March 2012

A Wonderful Weekend!

Well all I can say is that Spring has Sprung and a things are good. There's still part of me wondering how life would be with Steve now and how it was but it's less acute. I look around now and feel his influence in the people around me and those I'm drawn to and are drawn to me. I think Steve may be working some magic, I hope helping the house to sell is on his agenda too.

On Friday I had a nice day in work, meetings all day and then back to the office till late but it was all good. It was a beautiful sunny day and it matched my sunny mood.

On Saturday H and I were off on a mini gay adventure. We went to Scarborough for the day. I'd never been before and it was lovely. The train journey was 2 hours from Manchester and H and I chatted the whole time or more like she listened as I gave her LOADS of updates.

When we got there we went shopping first for a hat for H. Not a sun hat and not for a wedding but for a day at the races next month. We laughed about it being a sign of 'growing up' when a lady has her first hat... She's decided that given the amount of money she's spent she's wearing the outfit to my next wedding!

No, you've not missed anything, we just fast forwarded through to the fairy tale endings of movies and those mushy romance books Granny reads. The point being she will now be looking for opportunities to wear her posh outfit do she gets her money's worth!

Anyway, as for Scarborough It's one of the few coastal towns which combines the traditional British seaside with what seemed like a reasonable fishing port.

It's a fantastic place for people watching. Within minutes of arrival we were treated to the visual and auditory feast of "Rasta Reggae Pensioners", two old guys in Rasta hats with a set of bongo drums and dancing puppets which included an emu, a goat and a camel and a bingo playing Bart Simpson performing Tom Jones songs in a reggae vibe. Really. I'm not jesting and I understand it may have to be a case of "seeing is believing" so take a look at the pic!
Rasta Reggae Pensioners should be the next big thing as you couldn't help but smile and chuckle when you heard and saw them. After that excitement we wandered down to the beach and were amazed to see people in the sea!
We wandered along the seafront and got some fresh cockles to snack on as we got to the fishing harbour.  They were lovely and fresh and yes, just a slight crunch of sand. 
From there it was off for a beer and lunch then we took a slow walk along the beach toward the beach huts that were there.  By this time we realised the walk back, uphill was enormous so we took the street lift to the top.  It seemed an old clattery thing, probably Victorian but most notably it had been "sponsored" for the day by the Federation of Small Business so was adorned with their posters, including this one.....
H and I couldn't help but laugh, who could resist a seminar which is Guaranteed to Disappoint?!?!  I think someone somewhere had a bad day when they approved that.

From there we wandered back to the train and chatted about loads of things, including H's new car, (which she picked up yesterday).  On the way home I decided to go and get some munchies for a picnic on Sunday.  I was looking forward to spending time with another good friend J, the person who had made me smile a lot earlier in the week.

Saturday evening was spent vegging in front of the TV but again I ended up on Twitter until around 3am in deep conversation.  I was surprised to be at our meeting place early on Sunday.

We met up at 11 and then headed off the the countryside.  J didn't know about the picnic so it was nice to see the surprise as I presented a picnic basket from the boot (trunk) of the car.  We walked for a while before we found a spot to settle.  I managed to put my foot in a particularly squishy bit of mud which came up to my ankles but it was all in the name of a nice day out.
We finally settled on a grassy verge and looked out over the Lancashire hills and valleys and sat there for hours, chatting.  It was lovely, a calm uncharacteristically warm spring day punctuated by the sound of Lambs, Horses and one potty mouthed Polish security guard who took a dislike to some nearby walkers!

As we wandered back to the car at 17.28 I remembered the sign in the car park saying the gates would be locked at 17.30...... it had taken us well over 30 minutes to walk there so we started to run.  Well, I guess it was more of a jog but, as I'm not known for my athleticism we reverted back to walking and left it to fate to decide whether we'd need to make a rescue call or not.

We returned to the car at 17.48, not a bad effort we thought and, as it turns out the car park locking man was late so we got out!  On the way back we called in to a pub for a beer and of course even more chatting, to be honest Steve dominated the conversation but, J re-assured me this wasn't an issue.  I could probably go on and on because it was just such a lovely day and I felt happier than I have in a very long time. 

As another friend said, maybe someone somewhere has decided that it's time for a change and happiness, hope and sunny days are in order for me.  I'd like to think that may be the case.

Anyway, we finally went our separate ways at around 8.30 last night then I came home, sorted the picnic stuff and relaxed.  I still ended up tweeting until gone 11pm but it was a lovely end to a lovely weekend and this morning I am still full of the happiness of the weekend.

Have a great day, I'm going to try to.

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  1. And today, MY face aches from smiling, Mark............ i.e., after reading your last two lovely posts!!

    Your *thorough e.n.j.o.y.m.e.n.t.* of every activity/experience, either on your own or with a friend, (not to mention your oh-SO-interesting photographs!!)............ "speaks" of the Life-Transforming Magic you clearly had with Steve.

    So, maybe those of us who've had to stand on that particular "foreign shore"............ (i.e., to agonizingly say goodbye TO The Love Of Our Lives)............ are glad that we~~(were soppy enough to have!!)~~OFFERED to............ choose blue jeans over sequins............ i.e., even if, before final farewells, it never actually came TO that point, thank goodness!!

    *P.S.: I simply *loved* the clever watermelon-slice-echoing (?) Rasta hats of the "Rasta Reggae Pensioners," although my dear husband declared that he would never even............ "be laid out in one of those," though, (haha)!!