Saturday, 18 February 2012

The wandering widower wanders again

Here we are again the wandering widower on the wander again. Today it's back to Edinburgh.

It's been a funny sort of week, I've done a lot of thinking and and not a lot of anything else really. I got through Valentines day pretty unscathed. It was just another day. My work this week has been much the same as usual where I feel like I am trudging through mud, not because it's difficult work but more because I still don't feel up to speed with everything, it's just not the same as it used to be but then I wonder will it ever be the same again?

In saying all that I do feel better for going out for a few hours last night, there was something I needed to get off my mind and I did that and now I feel somewhat free. I'm able to carry on making progress on this journey of grief, and self discovery and of course new beginnings.

What will the future hold? Who knows, but either way I'll face up to it in the way I do. Back to today though, I have no agenda for Edinburgh. There is nothing I need to buy, nowhere I need to go and nothing I need to see so I will decide once I am off the train in Edinburgh at 9.25 this morning, perhaps I will go in search of the three legged haggis?

Well that's about all for me so far, I may write more on the way home but until then enjoy your Saturday


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