Saturday, 18 February 2012

The wandering widower is almost home

Well' I'm almost home again, well not home but almost back in Manchester. I've had a lovely day today.

The weather in Edinburgh has been beautiful today, blue skies and sunshine, we did have a snow shower though around the middle of the day but it lasted no more than five minutes and then it was sunny again. Odd but hey, thats Scotland.

When I arrived this morning I went to Jenners for a Scottish breakfast to set me up for the day and then set off having a wander around. I even made time to go to the Scottish National Gallery, nice paintings but I decided there that paintings are not my kind of art. I can appreciate the work involved but it just doesn't "turn me on". Each to their own and it's not for me.

I wandered up to the Castle, the Royal Mile was as busy as ever and full of the usual characters, artisans stalls and tourists, (like me). I visited some usual haunts and some new ones and got some ideas too for some craft projects I have in mind.

I finished the day in the tea rooms in the shadow of Scot Monument for a brew before going for the train. The trains today have been great, all on time and no complaints at all so right now I am a happy chappie.

I'll soon be at Manchester so will post this and pack my stuff up.

Until next time,

Mark x

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