Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another trip out...

Well today I have been quite cultural. I started quite early, I was up at 8 am which is not bad seeing as yesterday I had got up at 4am and didn't go to bed until after midnight.

I cooked myself poached egg on toast. A simple breakfast but it's one I really enjoy. Then, it was off to catch the tram to town before catching my connecting train to Liverpool.

I've never been to Liverpool as a tourist, for meetings or business then yes but never recreationally so it was all a bit new.

I know it seems like a rush since I was in Edinburgh yesterday but I had to go today as it was the last day of an exhibition I wanted to see, I was really looking forward To seeing the costumes. Partly to see how mine compared and also as Lily was the only real drag persona I knew of years ago and, she is one of relatively few that have made it to mainstream TV in recent years.

Lily's humour, style and attitude were something I enjoyed and admired. Very different to Bobbie Dazzler but yet similar too, perhaps like a distant cousin or Aunt.

I really enjoyed the exhibition, small as it was but also saw another there. It was by an artist called John Kirby and I really liked it. Yep, it surprised me too as yesterday I said I wasn't really 'in' to art or more specifically paintings. He's a contemporary artist so maybe I just need to find the "genre" of paintings I like.

After that I ended up going for a wander through Liverpool One. I was well chuffed as I managed to get a picture frame I wanted in Debenhams. I'd ordered a crystal frame online to go with two others in the same range I had but they told me they were sold out, I had looked all over, including ebay and none but got two today plus another of a smaller size. Cost £6.60 instead of £22.00, so I managed to get all 3 for less than the cost of one! Bargain!

I'm on the train home again now. I feel like I have had a proper weekend as I've been out and done stuff. I feel happier than I have in a long time and, more importantly I am enjoying my own company more and more. Things is good!

On a closing note I saw a sign today, the sort you hang on your wall at home, it said:
The best things in life are not things at all.
Now, some people don't understand it but, for me this is saying that the best things in life can't be purchased, they are not trinkets or possessions and no amount of money will help. For me the best things in life are love, friendship, happiness and time and like most things each requires an investment but the return is often significantly higher than the investment.

Well that's me, over and out....

Till next time,

Mark x

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  1. Dear Mark,

    Hi!! When you first wrote to Tashi............ (on her blog "Learning to Hope" @ I read Steve's *wonderful blog* @; and also your *very honest, heartfelt blog* here, too.

    This past week, I watched the Part I Video of your & Steve's (absolutely lovely and delightful!!) Mums on Mother's Day............ (Part II, however, is apparently no longer available)............ and now I feel that I not only ADMIRE you greatly, Mark, but almost that I know you, too!!

    At 61, (with my husband being 64), we've now had 38 good years of marriage together; but I cry............ I (seriously) have *CRIED*............ at your agonizing, very premature loss of your very beloved Steve.

    The sign you saw which said, "The best things in life are not things at all" is just so, SO true!! TODAY, (February 24th), as I read this February 19th blog entry of yours, it also greatly reminds me of Liliana Holtzman's blog entry of TODAY, too, directly Below, which I hope you enjoy. (I wonder if this is really ONLY *coincidental**, though??!!):

    Anyway, although we (most probably) will never meet in person, I can "feel" the deep goodness IN your poor, grieving heart; and I want you to know that at least two people here in Pennsylvania care about you, Mark, and hope only the best for you in the future.

    Rosanna and Jack

  2. Hi Rosanna,

    Try this link for part two of "Mummys Boys"...

    Enjoy, M x