Saturday, 25 February 2012

and I'm off again...

Well here I am again blogging whilst sat on public transport on the way home from another day out.

Today's trip was planned earlier this week, today though I had company again as I travelled with a friend.

Firstly though before I witter on about this week I'll tell you about the week that's just passed.

Work really has been pretty busy. I've had a few meetings to attend and I also had final plans to put in place for an event I hosted on Friday. It was quite well attended and the feedback was positive too so there's plenty now to do next week at work. I am really exhausted lately though, maybe soon I will take a few days off and do the things for me (and Steve), that I've been too tired to do lately. No plans yet though.

Today was a great day out, I enjoyed being out and about and, today I had company too as a friend came along with me. We meandered through the streets and stopped for brunch before walking along the walls and stopping at a pub for a few scoops of real ale...

After putting the world to rights over a beer we headed for the Train back to Manchester. I'm on the tram now on the last leg of my journey, I'm going to stop off for a bottle of wine on the way home and then relax, snuggled up on the sofa at home.

Oh and before I forget I have to mention I was on the tram this morning sat opposite someone who was either a massive Elvis fan or an Elvis impersonator! Not the good looking GI Elvis but the bloated burger years Elvis, he was in his 50's with unconvincing jet black hair and big lamb chop sideburns. The 2 inch white stripe at the root of his hairline though was very convincing and the 'padding' looked real too. Is this a new retro look u have missed or is he stuck in a time warp? Hmmmmm.

Well that's all for today. This week has been quite a positive one and yesterday I received an message from a reader which really made me smile, thank you. It is so nice to have that two way communication with readers, I really appreciate all the messages I receive.

Well, goodbye for now and till next time.... be good!

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  1. You're quite welcome for yesterday's message, Mark. My heart is honestly *touched* that it made you smile~~~and I'm deeply happy about that, too!! I ALSO simply wish that I could've (somehow!!) included a *B.*I.*G.* Bear Hug (from me!!) IN my message............ i.e., for you; for your Mum & Dad; and for Steve's Mum & Dad, too!! My husband says that I'm "A Hugger," (haha!!); but, although I grew up in a VERY "non-touching" household, through the years I've learned that Life is simply~~~and (too-often!!) very tragically~~~WAY-too-short............ NOT to hug others, though!!

    With the brilliant blue skies~~~and lovely flowers, too~~~of Springtime just 'round the corner, your Little Band Of (very empathetic/understanding) Readers will be thinking of you, Mark, while you (of course) hold Steve in your heart; yet simultaneously still bring your & his joie de vivre............ To All, you know.