Sunday, 27 November 2011

And so it ends...

The weekend is over and now it's time to look forward to another busy week at work. No complaints though as it seems busy is just going to be the theme from now till Christmas.

On Thursday last week I had a busy day at work, so much so I was over an hour later than usual leaving which meant I had less time in the evening. That's not usually a problem but on Thursday I had to iron my clothes and pack my bag for my weekend away.

I tried to catch up with a few things before I left but as usual I ran out of time.

On Friday I was up and out early to catch my train, the train journey was around 4.5 hours to Norfolk, about the same length of time as it would take to drive.

When I got to Norwich I was met by my Sister and a friend. We made our way in to the city and went for lunch, it was lovely to sit and catch up as I've not seen either of them since Steve's funeral. We chatted for a while and then ha a wander through some of the shops there. By 5 we were heading for another stop, this time a cup of tea and a muffin. We sat and chatted for what felt like a short time but before we knew it, it was 7pm and the place was closing so we made out way back to the car.

As I was staying with a friend my Sister and brother in law came sound too and we all ate together, it was lovely again to catch up and just enjoy each others company oh and we did manage to sink a few Gin's!

On Saturday we all headed off to a country craft fayre. It was nice and great for getting ideas for the things I like to make. There was of course a few things which make you question, "who buys this stuff?" but, overall it wa good. One in particular was a guy who made jewellery from coins, I saw some with my year of birth and instinctively looked for Steve's too. I guess I have still not quite got out of the habit of shopping with Steve in mind. I wonder if I ever will?

Today, following a hearty breakfast we all headed off to Croma . A brisk and fresh walk along the prom, down the pier and then up the beach with my Sisters dog. Again it was nice to be out and about.

This afternoon it was time to head home so my friends dropped me at the train station to catch the 17.21 bus (a rail replacement service to Peterborough due to works on the line). That was the time printed on the ticket, it was only when I got to Norwich I was told I should be on the 17.21 from Peterborough which means I should have been on the 15.00 bus! A complete balls up!!!

As I had missed the last direct train to Manchester I am now en route to Leeds where I will need to get a train to Manchester oh and the best part, (note the hint of sarcasm) , is that I'll have to pay AGAIN for the journey a it's a different route and I am also having to stand for the trip! Joy!!

All in all though it's not put a dampener on the weekend. I have enjoyed spending it with friends and family. The last time I visited Norfolk was with Steve in February and before that in August 2010 just a week before our brain tumour journey began. I hope nothing happens a week after this trip.

Well thats about it for now, I'll probably tell you tomorrow what time I eventually get home....

Bye for now
M x

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