Sunday, 5 June 2011


OK so I admit it, yesterday I did too much. And it shows today as I feel
like I have been hit by a bus (although Mark says he can't see the
difference as I'm still a fatty....)

Yesterday we sorted out the eBay office as it's become known. We have the
front spare room and the olds have the back spare room, At least now when
everything is on eBay its easily found, and not mixed in with each other's

When we had done all the photographing, moving stuff and tidying, we went
for a walk down the canal past Worsley, both for a walk and also a look see
at where we could potentially moor, as it's something else we have to look
into for when we get the boat.

Walking along the canal was lovely despite the fact I was tired and couldn't
walk as fast as I would normally. Mark was taking pictures of the canal etc
and was trying to take photos of the wildlife too but they were simply not
having any of it, the swan kept sticking his head underneath the water or
its back to Mark, so didn't really get a picture of him. Then it was a Heron
and again it must have been shy as soon as the camera was out it was off.

We were going to pop in on Nick and Geoff on our way back but again somebody
somewhere had decided to change our plans, and the rain came down and we
were soaked, so we came straight home to dry off, and then it was a case of
just veging on the sofa until I had to admit defeat and go to bed, hence no
blog yesterday.

Today we are deciding on or outfits for Sheffield Pride which is only about
6 wee away now so it's back to the drawing board as we no longer have any
costumes - and even if we did they wouldn't fit us....

Will update later to let you know what we have been upto today, although I
doubt much will get done knowing the way we both feel.


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