Saturday, 4 June 2011


Well today has been a huge day for our eBay store, its taken me all night to
sort out all the orders.

The downsizing really has kicked into force this evening, with two
mattresses going to the skip - now I know that goes against all we believe
in and normally they would have gone to the charity, but they were old and
knackered so worthy of nothing so the skip for the. We have also taken down
our crystal bed and it is now stood up in the spare room, which has also
become our eBay office. We are having the front spare bedroom and Tanja is
having the back spare bedroom, it might help to keep the house sort of tidy

I like days like today though even though I have been tired as it gives you
a boost to do more.

I managed to do a full day for the office from home and sorted loads of
queries out that have been hanging round for a few days as the systems have
been down, so I can start afresh on Monday now with a clear inbox (although
it will fill up nicely over the weekend)

My chemo is going well, the anti sickness does still make me slightly queasy
but that doesn't last very long so not an issue. As long as I manage my time
with the anti sickness then the chemo then some food it passes by with
relatively little fuss. One thing I do suffer from though is I can hear my
pulse in my head for a while after I have taken the chemo, it sort of raises
my blood pressure, it is odd but only lasts an hour or so, so I just have to
put up with it.

Anyway I forgo to send this, so here it is, off to bed again,

Will update tomorrow


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