Thursday, 23 June 2011


Well that’s it, it seems like Stephen is already having a laugh at my expense, that’s not meant in a bad way but in a nice and reassuring, happy to have him around sort of way.
Some of you may recall that a few years ago Stephen got in to the habit of buying the most random presents. One was a Lordship, not the proper type but the type where I am officially Lord of a patch of oil rig somewhere another such gift was a star. A lovely gift really but, at the time I teased him, a star?!?! Why a star?!? He said it was because I was his star and lit up his world, it made me smile.
How could he buy a star? The don’t belong to anyone. Also, I couldn’t see it touch it or feel it, if it had come with a telescope then fair enough but with the light pollution in Manchester it was unlikely I would ever see it.
We laughed about it for a long time after in fact he ribbed me about it just a few weeks ago and this was a gift from a few years back. It was very much appreciated and the sentiment was lovely, he knew I liked sparkly things and what’s more sparkly than a star? We have chatted about this story a few times since stephen passed away and have had a titter about it every time, Stephen and his odd ways.

Those happy memories have come flooding back to me today. I received a letter, it had come from Stephens work so I assumed this may be some documents from HR or something they found in or on his desk etc.
It wasn’t, far from it, when I opened the envelope I immediately saw what it was..... A STAR!!!

His colleagues have bought a Star in Stephens honour, it is called Enid Whiplash and it has been registered as such from 15th June, the day he passed away. The star is in the Taurus Constellation, Stephen’s birth sign. It is just perfect and I am now resolute about getting a telescope and seeing Stephens star and mine. This is something we had planned to do on the boat as there is less light pollution in the countryside and I shall still do this.
For those of you that already have a telescope the star is:


Taurus Constellation

Registered name:- Enid Whiplash

Registration date – 15th June 2011

RA: 3h 39m 06.7s

De: +24* 42’ 11”

I will cherish Stephen’s star, I can’t help but think he has influenced his colleagues decision to buy a star just to have a laugh at my expression when I opened the envelope and realised I now have a second reason to buy a telescope. I have already sent my thanks to Stephens colleagues and explained it has made me smile and brought back these happy memories.

Thank you and Stephen, you got me this time.

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  1. Fabulous story - made me giggle - and I imagine Steve will be too :) Looking forward to a night of star viewing... xxx