Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Well this is my second entry for today, there seemsto be so much going on at the moment that it's necessary PLUS I am fuming! 

Firstly after my entry earlier I had to phone DWP to advise of Stephen passing away, something to do with pensions etc even though he wont be claiming it I guess it means nobody could claim it in his name, I dont understand it and don't  need to really. 

After explaining to the woman I was phoning to notify her of my partners death, (although I suspect she knew that because of all the coices I had made, "press 1 to report a death" etc anyway, her first question, was, "was She claiming any pensions?"  She?!?!? I was very quick to correct her... HE!!! Why the assumption, in this modern age surely people in public sector have been on training courses etc all paid for out of our taxes to teach them how to address people they may speak to, I am sure they have dropped the term "christian name" from their standard forms and now ask first name and last name, this was in recognition of our multi ethnic society so when we live in a multi-sexuality society is it necessary for me to be madeto feel uncomfortable about my partner being a HE not a SHE?

As I mentioned earlier I have sorted Steve's ebay and thought I would drop them at the post office and, as the post office is near the bank I thought I would bite the bullet and go and speak to the bank.  The bank was empty, just two clerks on the desk chatting.  I walked up and explained, "My partner has passed away, I need to speak to someone about sorting our account" the usual condolences were offered then I mentioned how I needed to cancel his Direct Debits, well (stupid cow) then turned to me and said "oh we need two signatures to cancel a DD" Hmmmm I saw Red!  "Really?  And how do you propose we do that when I have just told you that ny partner is dead!?!?" She of course apologised and said she would go and get someone to speak to me.  I waited a few minutes until shecalled me to come to the counter (evidently the walk over was too far...) She told me the people in the back are waiting to answer the phones so cant come out and I have to go back at another time....there were two of then sat at the counter doing nothing, there was nobody in the branch, (which incidentally looked a mess) and the precinct was dead too so no excuse for such a blatant apathy.  RBS - BIG FAT FAIL.... Letter of complaint going off ASAP!  I should have known from the scraped back hair, tattooed eyebrows and orange face that customer service was less important than looking pretty and getting the correct amount of pout.

Reporting a loved ones death is bad enough anyway without having to live it over time and time again explaining to the authorities or dealing with other obstacles which get placed in the way.  From here I went to a different branch.  Different branch different story and thank you Kaye for that, for her I will be sending a letter of praise as too few people say thank you.  Such a shame, same bank different branches and completely opposite responses

Oh and I am sure there is a rant in there about how we all own RBS anyway because of the government bail out etc, such a shame, two large organisations today with little or no compassion.... What a lovely society we live in!

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  1. You have every right to fume. Gross insensitivity alongside gross incompetence. Inexcusable.

    Donny had similar issues and remembers only too well how it added to his distress at such a difficult time.

    Hugs xxx