Thursday, 9 June 2011

I'm Married to a Geek

Now I mean this in a nice way, but my other half is quickly turning into a
Techno Geek

First it was his laptop, then was his Camera and now it's his mobile, but he
is increasingly becoming more and more gadget minded. To the extent where he
has overtaken me, I'm not that interested anymore but he is always on the
lookout for a new lens cover or something.....

Anyway back to me... I have been a little bit absent for the last few days
as it has been pointed out to me, simple answer is I haven't been so clever.
As I have already said earlier in the week I wasn't well on Sunday and
Monday and this has continued for a few days, I think some of it is a little
bit self perpetuated, but I still do feel really tired. I know I always feel
like this the week after chemo week and also am on the reducing steroids
which only leave me feeling in a word Sh1t, but hopefully I can now see the
light at the end of the tunnel though with the steroids as have only got
about 2 weeks left before hopefully I don't have to take them again. This is
going to be a big step for me as I have been taking them since September
when I was first admitted to hospital

I know its going to have a few compplications along the way bt at the moment
I appear to be coming with Ibuprofen to combat the headaches that are caused
byt the reduction in steroids, but if I can get throgh the next few weeks
with this little help then bonis, life can return back to normal.

The eBay store is still going well, and there is more stuff going on there
every few days. Therfore the house is getting a little lighter - not as
downsized as we would like but its making a start.

I have been trying to finish this blog all day but every time I think about
it I get sidetracked so its not getting anywhere. Therfore its not got

So will sign off for today and will start again tomorrow with full blogs.


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  1. Glad to see you are ok and fitting fit - well near enough anyway.
    Keep up the good work - on and by the way did you see the One Show - they had stuff on about living on the water and all the new rules and reg check it out
    Luv ya both
    Jayne & Ray