Sunday, 22 May 2011


Well as promised I am updating before we go to bed.

This afternoon I havent done much just sorted a couple of things out tidies
our bedroom and then sat and prepared the kilts that have arived this week,
its an ongoing process and we have more arrivibg in the next few days too.

There is more post to go tomorrow, and am hoping to go into the office if I
can get my head into gear.

Mark has been uploading more items to the eBay store there is
loads of random items going on at the moment, as we would like to avoid
going to a carboot sale if we can, but I knw its not going to happen so in
the next few weeks we will be off to a carboot sale somewhere and offload a
load of stuff.

My headaches are ok today although I have had had a couple of painkillers,
thats probably because I am tired though and I have been focusing on the
kilts, so probably my own fault.

I finished my schedule of treatments for the BT Buddies
website. It makes sense to me, but I'm sure it needs to be edited, but at
least the content is there.

Dont forget too, that a friend of ours Mel is still looking for votes to be
this years "Britains Top Role Model"

If she wins she will be doniating her £5000 charity prize fund to a charity
of my choice. Thats £5000 that will be going to a Brain Cancer charity if
she wins. Its really easy to do and takes less than two mins

Her name is Mel Bryan and the link to vote is I would be greatful if you could
boost her votes and help her on the way to making that £5k contribution -
Have you done it yet mother?

If you could also pass it round to all your friends and colleagues that
would be brilliant too.

Anyway enbough of the soapbox I'm off to bed, will update tomorrow


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