Monday, 23 May 2011

From Stiletto's to Wellingtons

Well I would never thought I would see the day I would be swapping my
stiletto shoes for Wellington boots, but today that has happened.

It's been an odd afternoon and today has made me think quite a lot about how
my life has changed so much since September of last year, the majority of it
for the good I might add, but all in completely different ways to what I
would have generally chosen if I was honest.

Back to the wellingtons anyway. I had a call this afternoon from a friend
that wanted more Drag from our collection so he came round and had a look at
what we had left. He bought quite a number of items as he is currently
building up his drag wardrobe.

No sooner did the money come in than had we already spent it - the story of
our lives!! Mark was on the net looking at willies as we need them to go
camping this weekend and also will be handy when we get the boat. Isn't it
odd how your buying habits change....

Anyway long story short we are both now the proud owners of wellingtons....
(or we will be when the postie decides to deliver them)

Have been into the office today and managed to get loads done, which is good
as it makes my email inbox clear and also helps the guys out. Its also a
sense of achievement if I get my email inbox clear too - it always has been,
and is one little way of being back to normal.

Normality has almost returned to my life and everything is now returning
back to a bit of a quiet existence, things have changed etc about where am
working and such but that's about it, it's lovely....

The headaches are just something I put up with now, although they are
getting less and less I still have to take a couple of pain killers during
the day most days, but the Oncologist isn't worried about them and so
neither am I, to be honest I probably give myself headaches by stressing
about them and pushing myself.

Mark has been uploading more stock items to the eBay store so will have a
busy couple of days if they all sell, its better if it's done on a daily
basis as there is always something beginning and ending and is a constant
change of items.

Anyway am off to bed, will update tomorrow.



  1. Must admit to a little typo here, mar wasnt looking at willies, it was actually wellingtons he was looking at, just to clear that one up.....

  2. Well, certainly made me chuckle Steve, and not sure how much I believe your "it was a typo" story ;) x

  3. and steve those very same items will be used this thursday to raise money for children with terminal illnesses . xxxxxx