Sunday, 22 May 2011


I didn't do a blog yesterday - Will be honest I forgot, as I was tired.

We had loads to do yesterday bit didn't end up doing a lot, I didn't feel
too clever yesterday was just so tired so was were supposed to have an
early night, that didn't happen as usual as we decided to curl up on the
sofa and watch the new harry potter film but both fall asleep.

We were supposed to go to Mike Cad's Birthday Bash in Sheffield but neither
of us were upto it. Mark is still slightly suffering from the cold he has
had for over a week too.

Natalya has asked me to write about my experience of treatment and all the
levels, as the first couple of months of treatment are pretty much standard
for most people. There is always exceptions but its pretty much standard
most of the time. The peice will go on the BT Buddies
website and form part of the mine of onformation that is already on there.

This leads me onto another gripe. We havent been up long but we have just
sat and watched Sing if you can with Keith Lemmon and Staecey Solomon.

The moneyraised goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust, now I dont knock this as
it is a good cause, but most fundraising for any form of cancer goes to
either Breast or Testicular cancer. Very little money is raised/spent on
Brain cancer research and treatment and is very rarely spoken abiut.

It would be nice to be able to change this and raise more awairness of Brain
cancer, as it is a big disease, that never gets discussed.

Anyway, we can only do what we can do to help raise the profile of this
issue and any help you guys can do too would be brilliant.

One thing I have found out today is that ex friends who I fell out with
during my diagnosis are still following my blog, I find it both sad and
annoying at the same time. Its sad I the respect that when I needed a friend
during my diagnisis they were not there, and now they want to know what I'm
upto, its their loss at the end of the day.

Today were not upto much, I need to plant my tomato and Garlic bulbs as if I
dont get them done this week they wont get done at all.

Othere than that I will update later.


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