Saturday, 21 May 2011

Freaky Friday

Today has been the oddest of days, and I don't think I should have got out
of bed this morning.

I just couldn't get myself organised, I'm sure someone was moving all my
stuff round this morning when I was trying to get dressed and get out of the

When I eventually did get out of the house, the alarm wouldn't arm, I
eventually got it sorted though.

I then got on the wrong bus and ended up going all round Salford just to get
into town. I do this regular as all the busses at the end of our street
haven't changed for months, however they don't change their destination, so
I forget which one goes direct and which doesn't.

The traffic going into town was then horrendous.

The list doesn't stop, and was glad to actually get to work. At least at my
desk I couldn't do anything wrong. Then the trouble started.

My PC didn't want to work, the whole office was the same though so I know it
wasn't me.

I eventually managed to start what I set out to do and managed to get things

Coming home I got on the right bus, but I got stuck in traffic again, the
roads coming out of Manchester are all being reconstructed, however the
planners of Manchester and Salford roads couldn't plan a pi$$ up in a
brewery as they have taken one of the busiest roads coming in and out of
Manchester and reduced it down to one lane, go figure....

The headaches have continued, but are nowhere as bad as they have been and
actually went away of their own accord today so that's good, they don't even
bother me that much anymore either.

The tickets to the Boat Show came today for next weekend so that's something
to look forward too, we have to get the tent out tomorrow and check we have
everything. We wouldn't want to get there and realise we haven't got any
tent pegs....

We will also be doing eBay tomorrow as have said previously the house is now
for sale and so we need to get our arse into gear and drastically downsize.

The other house is also available to rent from early next month if anyone is
interested in a short term let.

Will sign off now as am tired and will update tomorrow.


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