Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Moving On

Well things have really started to happen at the house with regards to
moving on.

The photographs have been done and submitted to the estate agent for his
literature. So hopefully we should start having house viewings in the next
few weeks.

The eBay workload is ever increasing and there is now piles of items
everywhere that have ether been put on, awaiting to be put on or awaiting to
be posted. Its turning into a real production line. We will be ramping this
up in the next few days as the more we add to the stores the more we find.

I managed to get through my chemo week without any problems this month,
although the headaches are still with me, the Oncologist isn't to concerned
about them and said I shouldn't either, however I do worry about them as
they are constantly there, although they do go away with painkillers so they
can't be that bad.

I'm getting pretty bad as well at updating my blog, which I promised I
wouldn't, so over the next few days I'm going to make a concerted effort to
update at least once a day.

Anyway I have a pile of paperwork to complete so will get that done and will
update later.


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