Sunday, 8 May 2011

Busy Weekend

Well this weekend appears to have flown by in a whirlwind of action.

I was in the office on Friday and managed to get loads done. Friday evening
though I was tired and two days in the office plus Chemo was taking its toll
on me.

Saturday afternoon we just got things done that needed doing round the
house. We also went into Salford to drop off the post for the items sold
that day. The eBay shop is going really well at the moment and I'm currently
putting loads of books on there all starting at 99p

The house sale is slowly getting into gear and we meeting with the estate
agent in the week to sign documents etc, which means its happening and we
have to step up the downsizing.

One thing I wasn't happy about on Saturday was the argument I ended up
having with Mark. It is true you hurt the ones closest to you, and he does
get the brunt of a lot of things. Sometimes it feels like everyone is an
expert on how I should do thing, what I should be doing etc and it pisses me
off, I'm still compos mentis and able to make decisions for myself. All I
want is a normal life... I know things will never be as normal as they were
again, but like I said before my new normal is what I want. Just to plod on
and live my life quietly.

I suppose the steroids don't help either, they are making me pile on the
weight which I'm also unhappy about, hopefully I will be able to come off
them next month after my as round of chemo.

The steroids do also make me emotional and I am prone to snapping, which
again isn't a good thing.

Saturday Night we were off out - dressed as pirates... now I know you all
think am odd anyway but this was planned. It was my birthday present from
Nick and Geoff.

A murder Mystery trip aboard a steam train in Llangollen North Wales as
Pirates as a theme.

Random I know, but this actually made it even more funnier. The four of us
dressed as various types of pirates walking through Llangollen town centre
did raise an eyebrow or two, especially considering there was only us in
fancy dress at the time. Some others did eventually turn up n fancy dress
(about 50%) so we didn't look out of place.

The actors pocked on me all night though and all I could do was laugh, which
made the other three laugh too, and every time they asked me a question all
I could do was giggle, never mind we didn't win - we didn't even get it
remotely close but we did have a scream, and I won a bottle of wine because
it was my birthday and I had to stand in front of the rest of the crowd with
a few others and sing the Pirate Song...... The costumes packed away now
though and my pirate days will be reserved for the boat when we get it.

Today has been mainly eBay all day again, systematically adding things from
our collection, books, DVD's CD's will be next and then thre is a whole host
of household items to be photographed and lusted. We haven't even started on
the loft yet which is a weeks worth on its own.

Tanja is also going good guns on the eBay front and has a load of listings
of their own stuff, she is really getting into it.


She is also selling a fine range of Pet blankets all hand so you know your
pooch or your pussy will have an original.

This evening now I'm going to just finish the few books I have here and then
relax and watch some TV and then hopefully have an early night, as I didn't
sleep brilliantly well last night.

Tomorrow I'm still undecided whether to go into the office or work from
home, but I know my Chemo is kicking in now and so it will probably be from
home (I actually noticed this on Saturday night driving home, I was falling
asleep in the back of the car, something I am getting good at...)

Will update again tomorrow.

Steve x

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