Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Its Official

No not the fact that were mad (that's a given) the house is on the market.
The estate agent came this afternoon to sign all the paperwork.

That just means one thing, it could be relatively soon when we sell the
house and we get to go live on a barge. That sounds really easy but there is
lots of work to go till then.

There is the massive downsizing to complete for all of us and also we all
have to find somewhere to live if the house does sell pretty quick.

Its exciting now as things are starting to happen, and the motivation to
make things happen is starting to grow too, its a case of we have to do it,
but we also want to do it now too.

Today have worked pretty hard for the office as I had issues earlier in the
week I had quite a big to catch up with and it was for the guys in the
office so really needed. I managed to get that all completed and also quite
a bit of extra work done too., I am going into the office tomorrow to tidy a
load of things up, so will have a good day in the office with the guys.

Mark is off to London tomorrow to attend an event at No 10 Downing street
with his colleague Mel Bryan so will be a long day for him, as he is up
early and will be back late - I will probably be in bed though when he gets

My headaches have been quite good today, I took 2 painkillers this morning
and that's all I have had so far, my headache is at the moment like a very
low dull ache so not something I feel the need to take painkillers for,
hopefully tomorrow should be the same.

I'm still on the steroids, which is causing me to keep the weight on, which
I am not happy about, but I understand that it's a needed at the moment and
its something I have to put up with. The other reason for the weight gain
is I'm doing less now. 8 Months ago we were always on the go, running around
a stage for 90 minutes at a time and always on the go, it kept up thinner.

Plans are underway for our costumes for Sheffield Pride, as we have very
little left out there and nothing that we have suitable for the event, so
it's back to the sewing table for us for a one night only costume, that will
be on eBay the day before its worn. I did have an idea to auction both
costumes on the day and give the money to charity, we will see how it works

Anyway will sign off and update tomorrow.


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