Friday, 13 May 2011

Is it expensive or cheap

All I can say is its expensive to stay healthy, over the last two days I
have spent over £100 on supplements and vitamins. These have become the
mainstay of my existence at the moment and I honestly do feel that they are
doing me good.

After watching a couple of videos by Cheryl Broyles

on facebook and reading a number of other sources I decided to take a range
of supplements an vitamins to help me thoroygh my treatments etc. I have
been on these suppements since my diagnosis and have increased the nnumber I
take as I have gone along, I have read further information, and been told
various things so ihave followed the advice and have started thaking those

I now take around 10 different suppliments a day, all with their own uses.
I can honestly say that in a strange way I actually feel better and healthir
now than before I was diagnosed, so they must be doing something right for
me. That and every time I have a blood test they results are always

Anyway thats juts got me thinking, is it expensive to be healthy or is it a
smal price to pay? I know its a lot to shell out all at once, bit overall it
works out not expensive, and compare it to the fact that its keeping me
healthy, I would spend a whole lot more.

Mark also takes a numberof suppliments as we cant afford for him to pick up
any bugs and carry them, as he is in more or less constant contact with me,
so he has to stay healthy too, so he;s on 5 supliments and multi vitamins a
day, so far its keepin him well too.

I would urge anyone and ineed everyon to take at least a multi vitamin
tablet every day, and if your ill in any way they seek advice on what
suppliments you can take that will help you, there are loads of books out
there that state different foods and suppliment can help for various things,
I would read the books and follow their advice, its working for me, even
though it might only be a placebo its tricking my brian into being health -
then nver mind, lets keep the placebo effect going.

I just rattle if you shake me.....

Today I have been back in the office and and have had a great day, I managed
to clear loads and prep loads of stuff for collection tomorrow. We have new
staff in the office so was nice to get to meet them as have only sent them
emails so far.

Mark is due home any time now, he has been to 10 Downing Street today with
Mel Bryan to celebrate her winning the Big Society award.

Tomorrow is another day, dont know what am doing yet, if I am working from
home or from the office.

Will sign off now and update tomorroew.

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