Friday, 13 May 2011


Well today has been an odd day, Mark got back late last night from London
and didn't feel well at all.

This morning he was worse and when I went down to the doctors I made him an

It was purely selfish, I cant be around Mark if he is ill, especially this
is the week after Chemo week as well.

If he's also ill he can't help me if I need his help. I know it all sounds
like me me me but on some occasions this is how it is. It was the same when
my mum was ill, she was practically banished from the house until she was
better so it's one rule for everyone.

I have upped my intake of my Echinacea and mark has too, he is also on a
case of antibiotics as a precaution.

The headaches are still with me but I'm just used to them now, and I'm now
down to a maximum of 4 Ibuprofen a day which gets me thorough.

We have a visitor this weekend too Natalya from BT Buddies who is making her way back home from London.

Some of you may notice that there has been a problem with my blog over the
last few days day's, this is because of the program I use, they have had
problems and a number of my blog posts have disappeared, hopefully they
assure me now that they are all back and running smoothly again.

Right well am going to sign off and say goodnight, will update tomorrow.


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