Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day Out

Well today has been a bit of a random day, we set off this morning to go to
the marina in Southport, but ended up at the Museum of Science and Industry.

From there the three of us had a leisurely lunch at Tiger Tiger. It was nice
just to sit and watch the world go by on a Saturday afternoon.

From there we ended up going to the range in Rochdale (told you it was a
random day out) It was nice to just stroll around the shops and but a couple
of unimportant things. We bought a knot fender/doorstop for the boat as I
really liked it.

It was then over to my parents to say hello to them and see what they were

From there it was off to Sainsburys for dinner items and then home.

This evening we haven't left the dining table yet as we are just putting the
world to rights.

Headache has been good today its not really been bothering me much I did
have a headache late this evening but we haven't really stopped much today
so I'm not surprised.

Tomorrow is another day and who knows what we will get upto, we may end up
going to the warehouse as there is a few things we need and have mentioned
it so much today that Natalya has said she would like to go (we also want to
go to see if we can get a Rosie to complete the Rosie and Jim set we have.

Will update again tomorrow

Steve x

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