Sunday, 1 May 2011

Day out with the Husband

Today started as a relaxing day and then we decide we were going to go out
for the afternoon. It was nice just to spend time together as we have been
with someone else for the last couple of weeks, which is nice, but its also
nice to just be the two of us.

We ended up going for a drive and a picnic and we ended up at Sizergh Castle
near Cumbria.

Mark took his camera so the pictures are on his profile on Facebook.

My headache has been a pain in the arse today, I started the day without a
headache and I thought I was going to have a good day, however it wasn't to
be. It's been a sharp headache that just won't go, like a bad hangover - I
only wish it was a hangover as I know it will all be over tomorrow.

Still uploading stuff to eBay there is loads more DVD's on there now, still
loads more to go on, I'm trying to put something on at least every day so
that the items on there are constantly changing.

The dressing room is looking a little more empty now that we had a bumper
weekend of sales, we need another bulk upload weekend to do this again, but
its a case of the more we get out of there the easier it is to sort and
photograph stuff - that and we need the time, were constantly busy with one
thing or another, we need to set time apart to do it all.

Will sign off and update tomorrow


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