Sunday, 1 May 2011

Royal Wedding....

Well didn't she look elegant in the dress....

Enough about her anyway it's my blog so will tell you what I have been upto.

We set out on Monday morning to Edinburgh where we were going to be staying
for a couple of days. We were joined by Nick and Geoff.

On the way to Edinburgh we stopped at Culzean Castle on the West Coast. The
place is simply stunning, I will put some pictures on the blog when Mark has
finished editing them.

From then it was a whistlestop week of Castles, houses and Ghost tours in
and around Edinburgh. We actually need a holiday to get over the time we
have been away.

It was nice to be out of town for a couple of days even though we haven't
stopped really and have done loads in the short time we have been there.

Yesterday we decamped from Edinburgh and moved on down the country to
Newcastle where we were staying for the night. We were attending Boulvard
which is Betty Legs Diamonds new venue. The show was good and was like
Funnygirs used to be and was funny too.

We were all tired so we were all in bed not much after midnight - I know
this is sad on a Friday night - the bed was comfortable, I was sleeping
really well and then


Somebody or something had set the hotel fire alarms off at 3.30 this morning
so a full evacuation was underway.

We made our way outside in the cold with everyone esle. Fortunately we were
not out for long but that was it, I couldn't sleep much after that.

This morning it was up and out for breakfast in the hotel and then start the
slow journey home.

For us it wasn't a rest in though as we had over 40 items to package that
had been sold in the last 24 hours, so it was a quick print, pack and off to
the post office.

This afternoon and evening we have done very little. Just relaxed and caught
up on emails etc. Mark has been playing with some of the 600 pictures he has
taken over the week.

The headaches have been a bit off and on over the last few day yesterday I
only had 1 painkiller, today I have had a few so it's all a bit hit and
miss. The number is coming down slowly though and the steroids have been
reduced for 2 weeks now so hopefully things will look good on my next Chemo
appointment on Wednesday.

Anyway I'm tired now so heading off to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another sunny day.

Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

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