Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back to the rat race

Well today has been my first day back working from home for over a week, and
what a joy it was too....
My PC didn't want to work, it wouldn't let me access any f the applications
so I spent the majority of the morning watching our IT guys do their thing
from the office on my PC.
I was back on by lunch though so I managed to make a start on the day ahead.
I had over 2000 emails to deal with - they will be done when they are done
but I have managed to get the majority cleared this afternoon.
I now have to pront over 4000 invoices ready for the VAT submission, the
only problem is, the quicker I print them the quicker they come in, oh the
joys of a seasonal business.
Still it keeps me occupied and normal - which is exactly what I want to be
at the moment.
The headaches are still with me, they are like an old friend now, always
there, dependable and such, I just take two Pian killers and they trundle
off to their room for a few hours before coming back. Sometimes they stay
away for a few hours if I'm occupied others they come back really quickl.

our eBay store http://shop.ebay.co.uk/justtheone4u/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562

is doing really well and I now make it a point of listing something every
day. At the moment I'm on DVD's and then will move onto books. We still have
loads of items in the dressing room to sell though but that needs
photographing, at least with DVD's and Books all the details are already in
the system so I can just add them on without any extra hastle.
At least by adding something every day its new items for people to come back
for every few day rather than just once a week. The other thing is it doesnt
cause havoc at the post office when I take them all dow, although nowadays
as the post is so high we have an account with the post office and we sort
all our own ut and all I have to do is take the bag of items in and hand it
over, no waiting or Old Ladies moaning that I am taling up their

I'm back at the hospital tomorrow morning for this months Chemo run,. I hope
this month is not as bad as last month where I did have a number of sick
days over the five day period.
Anyway its an early morning tomorrow so will sign off and update tomorrow.
Steve x

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