Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Chemo Week again

Well today was the first day of this month's Chemo week, and touch wood, its
all gone well, I didn't even feel sick from my Anti-sickness drug which I
have to take fist.

I expressed my concerns about the headaches I have been getting and they
said its nothing to worry about as all my scans last time appeared to be OK
and going in the right direction and they are treatable with Painkillers so
nothing to worry about. At the end of the day there is a lot going on in my
head with all the treatments anyway so I should expect something at least.

My bloods were "Grand" as my oncologist puts it, so again that's a good
sign. It looks like were kicking the arse of this cancer at the moment and I
intend to keep it that way.

The great downsizing of the house is going well and we have become the
centre of the eBay world I am sure. Both Tanja and Lawrence are getting in
on the act now too and now that the sales are coming in for them they are
seeing how easy it is and how addictive it is too, so they will be adding
more stuff this week - will need to show Lawrence how to do it but he will
pick it up pretty easy.

It's a big postal run tomorrow to the post office as another load of our
costumes and DVD's have been sold, its looking pretty bare in the dressing
room now of costumes, but I'm sure there is still loads lurking in the back
there somewhere

Anyway, am off into the office tomorrow to block up the printing system (he
he) and then am off for my fortnightly massage, so a full day ahead so need

Will update tomorrow

Steve x

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