Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Today has been a long day, but for no apparent reason.

I did my usual work for the office, which admittedly was slow and I think
this is the reason.

I didn't go to BASIC as I was tired so I stayed home and worked on my
Radiotherapy Mask. Mark has finished his now and its ready to go. Hopefully
mine will be ready tomorrow, there's a lot of glue on it, It's taken its
inspiration from the song I am what I am, "I love each feather and each
spangle" so you can imagine what it's like, full of sequins at the moment
and will have feather added tomorrow.

Me and Mark are busy on our new business plans and have some exciting new
products lined up, its amazing that were not performing any more were
devoting our time to this new venture. Its something I can actually do even
if I don't feel so well but whilst I am well I can put energy into it.

I'm still having the neck aches but they are still decreasing lightly. I
will mention it to the Oncologist when I go next week though, although they
have said already that because of all the things happening in my head with
the radio and the chemo I should expect some issues. I haven't had many
other issues so its not really that bad.

Anyway it's been a long day and am off to bed to think of more ideas.

Steve x

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  1. I can't wait to see them!!!

    Just to let you know I am reading but I am rushed off my feet with the exhibition and not getting time to pop in and say hello :( It better calm down soon!


    Your BT Buddy

    Natalya xx